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45 ETH


Our powerhouse AI-driven sports prediction tool not only helps you win big but also shares its rewards with token holders. When you own Unibets ($BETS) tokens, you're not just a holder – you're part of a thriving community that reaps the benefits of the platform's success.

Double Revenue Sharing:
Holders will get 2% cut from $BETS trading volume - rewarded in $ETH Share 100% of the Betting Pool's earnings - rewarded in $ETH

Just hold a minimum of 50,000 $BETS in your wallet and get weekly earnings on winning bets and trading volume. Revenue sharing is proportional, so the more $BETS you hold, the more $ETH earn!

You hold, We bet
and together we earn!

What is the token address of UniBETS?

Unibets “$BETS” contract address is: 0x9dc251F27A7477313242A022181D4B5A3a1e4A0F

What are the tokenomics of Unibets?

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000. Fully circulating, non-dilutive
  • Fair launch: 100% of the token supply was added to liquidity at launch and locked
  • Trading Taxes: Buy: 5% | Sell: 5%
  • 2% goes to revenue sharing
  • 1% goes to betting pool
  • 2% goes to marketing and development
  • 100% of betting pool go to holders
  • Be a holder of minimum 50,000 $BETS tokens or more to be entitled to revenue sharing

What are the benefits of holding Unibets token?

Holding 50,000 $BETS will entitle you to benefit from Revenue Sharing and be part of a passionate sports betting community - airdropped in $ETH on a weekly basis



Revenue Sharing

How do we share the revenues? Because sharing is caring! Unibets has 4 revenue streams scheduled, unfolded as per the Roadmap: To be entitled to revenue sharing, you must hold a minimum of 5000 $Bets


Holders get 1% of total $BETS traded volume as well as the earning of the Betting Pool (live now). Airdropped in $ETH on a weekly basis. The more $BETS you hold, the more $ETH you earn!

Telegram BOT

In partnership with a major Crypto Casino, our Telegram bot will propose a 1-click betting option on daily picks. A 1% fee will be collected on the wager and shared with holders.

Full Access Pass will propose  a one Full Access Pass to all users. priced at $29.99 per month this is a highly competitive price within the space.. 50% of the Full Access Pass will be redistributed to $BETS Holders, while 50% will be used by the team for operations and operative costs.


As sports betting is one of the most competitive spaces for advertisement,  ad space sold on will be 100% shared with $BETS holders.


MacBook mockup


Where are we now?


Unibet v1 aims to evaluate its track record by sharing publicly picks on X and Telegram. It will also distribute revenue as explained in the Revenue Share Policy

Holders will be able to access a user-friendly dashboard to monitor their pending rewards and claim their earnings.

Betting Pools & Community

All our picks will be shared in our Telegram Channel. As a holder, you will have the opportunity to vote in a yes or no poll, determining whether or not Unipicks should make bets using a portion of the betting pool. If the vote passes, Unibets team will share the earnings with $BETS Holders. This will keep the community active and engaged, as well as create a flywheel effect.

Bet wins > Revenue shared > Fomo > Buy Volume > Tax > New

BetBet looses > No revenue Shared >  Delusion > Sell volume > Tax > New Bet

Telegram BOT

Our telegram bot will be available in October. It will allow holders to easily place bets on our daily pick on the partner's platform with just 1-click. We will collect a 2% fee and share it with $BETS holders. Copy betting is also planned in our roadmap once the Telegram bot is live. will be a search engine enabling users to look for any stats of any games, query past data in a never-seen-before manner. analyses daily the odds proposed by major bookies and looks for discrepancies or special opportunities. It will also propose daily picks based on users’ interests and sports and territory. Powered by years of historical data and machine learning, aims to become the most accurate and comprehensive sports prediction tool on the market.

Full Access Pass

A Full Access Pass model will be proposed to gamblers from all over the world. The premium model will propose one simple to access option to sports enthusiasts. The market opportunity is massive. A 2020 Study shows that in the US only, over 5 million gamblers paid for a sports pick service, averaging 49.99$ monthly subscription. This represents a 3 Billion $ opportunity in the US only.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, innovation is a constant driving force. Today, we proudly present a team of seasoned betting experts who have seamlessly merged their deep-rooted expertise in sports betting with the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain. Welcome to the future of betting - where trust, intelligence, and profit converge.

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